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Tutorial: Hiding port text


Hide or show port text in a diagram.


In HydroSym you can hide all text at once or hide specific text elements. Part of HydroSym diagram with a single Port with port text and an attribute visible

Method 1: hide single text element

Hide the Port Text of a single port by adjusting the properties. To open port properties double-click the element, in this example double-click Info. Clear Show text to turn of the port text in your schematic. Port properties dialog

To hide the Size attribute, double-click the text BSP 1/4” and clear visibility. Attribute properties dialog

Text blocks can also be hidden through the layer menu. It’s impossible to hide a single text element by toggling a visibility setting, instead you need to delete the text block. To delete the text block of a symbol used in a schematic, select the symbol and press E or right-click the symbol and select Edit Symbol [E]. This opens a canvas with just the symbol. Any change made affect the symbol in the schematic and not the symbol in your library. Remove the text by selecting it and pressing Delete. Click Update and Return in the right upper corner to return to the schematic.

Method 2: hide the text layer

You can also hide port texts and attributes for your whole diagram by disabling layers.
Open the layer properties using the toolbar or through the menu Format › Layers... .

Cropped screenshot of HydroSym highlighting the Layer button

Cropped screenshot highlighting the Layers button

In the Layers dialog turn off the “Attribute (Default)” and “Port (Default)” layers. This hides all Port texts and Attributes in your schematic.