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Project Attribute Exchange through XML

PDM/PLM systems need to exchange project or file properties with other applications to ensure up-to-date information in drawing headers etc. Often PDM/PLM systems offer a method to exchange these properties with an XML file.

This process has several steps:

Setup of this exchange requires configuration both for HydroSym and for the PDM/PLM system you are using. For help to configure your PDM/PLM system you should contact your supplier.

Enable XML attribute exchange in HydroSym

Screenshot of Preferences dialog, highlighting the ‘Import attributes from file’ option

Configure XML attribute exchange

The XML attribute exchange in HydroSym offers multiple configuration settings to handle many PDM/PLM systems..

Screenshot of Import Attributes Settings dialog

Example configuration


Import Attributes Settings dialog with example settings

Example XML file test.hdf:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

After opening test.hdf and the XML properties should be visible in the Project Properties (menu bar [Assist -> Project Properties…]). And the attributes in your drawing header are also filled with the values from the XML file.

Example project properties

Example drawing header