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Automatic Deployment

Warning This article is for automatic deployment in enterprise environments. If you are looking for a manual to install HydroSym, see Installing HydroSym


The HydroSym installer offers several parameters to change the behaviour. Most notable are the /SILENT and /VERYSILENT, see below for their effect and other available parameters.

/HELP, /?       Show all available installer options.
/SILENT         The background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is.
/VERYSILENT     The installation progress window is not displayed.
/LOG            Create a log file in the user's %TEMP% directory.
/LOG="filename" Create a log file a specified location.
/DIR="d:\apps"  Override the default installation directory.

Activate using license key

With our LicenseTool you can automatically activate HydroSym in your deploy script. The LicenseTool is available upon request, please email


LicenseTool.HydroSym.exe <license key> <email>

Configure (Legacy) License server

It is possible to configure the license server data for HydroSym in your deploy script. You can use the ActivateLicenseHydroSym Tool (available upon request) for this.

Copy the ActivateLicenseTool to the same directory as the HydroSym executable. And execute using:

ActivateLicenseHydroSym.exe <host> <port> <password>

<host>      License server ip/hostname
<port>      Port (default: 1968)
<password>  Optional: Password for anywhere license