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How to install Hydrosym on your computer

First download the installer using the link provided in the e-mail you received. Start this installer.

Follow the steps in the wizard.

Install Wizard Welcome Screen

Select next to go through.

Install Wizard License Agreement screen

Mark the check box as shown in the picture and press next.

Install Wizard Install Destination screen

Select the folder where to install Hydrosym and press next.

Follow the next steps.

Install Wizard Summary Screen

Install Wizard Installation Success Screen

Starting HydroSym for the first time.

HydroSym Select Language Dialog

Select your language and press OK

HydroSym License Type Dialog

Select your license type (for more information about your license see the Activation-Deactivation menu). Fill in the information which you received in the e-mail we send you and follw the next steps.

HydroSym Accept Disclaimer Screen

HydroSym Accept Disclaimer checked Screen

HydroSym Library Setup Screenshot

HydroSym Library Setup Confirmation Screenshot

HydroSym Lirbary Setup Finished Screenshot

HydroSym “Do you with to setup a drawing header?” dialog

HydroSym dialog “You can use the Drawing header setup funciton in the Tools menu later.

HydroSym “Select background color” dialog

HydroSym Connection line function tips dialog

HydroSym Changelog dialog

HydroSym with empty diagram screenshot

Now you are ready to use Hydrosym.