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Switch to hosted license

This pages describes how to switch HydroSym from a product key license to a hosted network license. The first step is to deactivate your current license. After deactivation you can continue an activate HydroSym with the license information provided by e-mail.

This guide describes how to switch from a

to a

Deactivate the current license

This section applies to Trial, Subscription, or Perpetual HydroSym licenses.

Activate the Hosted or Anywhere license

The procedure for activating a ‘Hosted license’ is identical to the procedure for activating an ‘Anywhere License’


Failed to connect to the license server

After restarting you are getting the message ‘Failed to connect to the license server’. This error occurs if HydroSym is unable to establish a connection to our license server. Often this is caused by incorrect license information, please click ‘Change server…’ and verify the entered infomation is correct.

Invalid cloud key

If you get an error message ‘Incorrect cloud server key …’, the entered cloud key is incorrect. Please click ‘Change server…’ and re-enter the cloud key. If this doesn’t work, please contact our support at