Variable Value
.Name "Shortcuts"
.Title "Shortcuts"
.Kind "page"
.Type "hydrosym"
.IsPage true
.IsHome false
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"draft": false
"iscjklanguage": false
"title": "Shortcuts"
"weight": 5
.Section "hydrosym"
.CurrentSection Page(/hydrosym/
.Pages Pages(0)
.File hydrosym/shortcuts/
.File.Dir "hydrosym/shortcuts/"
.WordCount 545


Function keys

Key Action
F3 Toggle object snap
F7 Toggle grid
F8 Toggle orthogonal mode
F8 Toggle orthogonal mode
F9 Toggle snap to grid
F12 Save as
Ctrl + F4 Close file
Alt + F4 Close program

Shortcut keys

Key Action
A Match text properties
C Draw connection line
D Delete selected objects
E Edit symbol in a schematic
F Change allowed faces
G Toggle grid lines
I Insert at connection line
J Join components
L Draw line
M Move selected objects
N Draw item number
O Toggle orthogonal mode
P Draw port
Q Draw connection line
R Draw rectangle
S Toggle snap to grid
T Trim or extend line
U Unjoin components
V Move text
W Zoom window
X Align X
Y Align Y
Z Switch to next grid size
0..9 Change group of selected objects
Arrow keys Move selected objects
Backspace Zoom to previous window
Delete Delete selected objects
Enter Repeat last draw command
Escape Clear selection or exit current function
Home Zoom to fit
Insert Insert component in schematic
Space Start moving objects or rotate objects when moving
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + B Browse
Ctrl + C Copy to clipboard
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl + L Toggle Library
Ctrl + L Show or hide library
Ctrl + N New file
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + R Replace component
Ctrl + S Save file
Ctrl + T Change text
Ctrl + V Paste from clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut to clipboard
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + 0 Grid dynamic
Ctrl + 1 Grid size 10
Ctrl + 2 Grid size 20
Ctrl + 4 Grid size 40
Ctrl + 8 Grid size 80
Ctrl + Tab Switch to next open file
Alt + Enter Change properties of the selected object
Shift + A Add attribute
Shift + C Redraw connection line
Shift + D Delete item number
Shift + G Toggle grid lines
Shift + I Insert component in schematic
Shift + L Replace with selected object in library
Shift + M Move joined symbols separate
Shift + O Offset
Shift + Q Redraw connection line
Shift + R Redraw leader
Shift + S Stretch
Shift + T Add text
Shift + W Draw filled arrow
Shift + X Align text X
Shift + Y Align text Y
Shift + Arrow keys Move text in component
Shift + Enter Change properties of the selected object
Shift + Space Move joined symbols separate
Ctrl + Altl + F Replace with similar component

Mouse buttons

Button Action
Double click Change properties of the selected object
Left click Select objects
Middle button Pan drawing area
Right click List with possible actions
Wheel Zoom the current view in or out
Shift + Double click Zoom to fit
Shift + Left button Pan drawing area

Tips and tricks

Additional hints Action
Left button Makes a rectangled window to select multiple objects. From left to right select objects that are completely inside this window. From right to left selects objects that are only partially insided the selection window.
Left click twice Clicking left at an already selected object starts the resizing function.
Ctrl Keeping Ctrl key down while moving or mirroring copies the objects.