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The interface in Hydrosym

The HydroSym interface consists of various parts:

  1. Diagram window, window to create drawings and hydraulic diagrams
  2. Library, contains all Components and Symbols
  3. Menu bar
  4. Top bar, contains standard Windows commands and some HydroSym commands
  5. Sidebar, for additional commands and drawing tools
  6. Three tabs of the library: Components, Components+, Symbols
  7. Content of the selected tab in the library window
  8. Preview of the elements in the selected folder of the library
  9. Information of the selected element in the preview
  10. ‘Show Datasheet’-function, to see all the specifications of the selected component
  11. ‘Find’-function, useful to search and find elements of the library
  12. Favorites, shows folders with most used files

Screenshot of HydroSym with numbered interface element annotations